Musically Yours Entertainment LLC (MYE) is a multifaceted entertainment company that specializes in live music entertainment. Established in January 2009 by Tamika Law, MBA, singer/performer, MYE operates as an entertainment company/booking agency, rehearsal space, and music academy.  We offer music education and instruction for developing and showcasing new talent. We provide live music services, specialty shows, bands, singers, musicians, and event production for live music events. We also mentor, train and teach musicians & singers to succeed in their music careers and help in developing their live performances.

Musically Yours Entertainment is a one stop shop for live music entertainment for any event. Our team of experienced, creative & dedicated music professionals provide the highest quality entertainment and musical expertise to meet and exceed every need of the client.

We also provide production management for entertainment projects, event planning for special events as well as oversee production of onsite performance areas & support staff for stage set-ups.

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